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Meta Chem For Chemicals Supplying

Meta Chem

About Meta Chem

Meta Chem For Chemicals Supplying specialized in chemicals trading

Our people are genuine and only want the very best for our customers, supporting them at every turn

Meta Chem aims to always provide the best service, the best solution, and the very best products. We have a wide range of products for a lot of industry such as:

  • Detergent industry
  • Fertilizer additives
  • Food additives
  • Water treatment
  • General chemicals

 Customers trust us to deliver and we always do, but with a welcoming, approachable and above all human centric approach.

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Our Mission

To provide integral products and exceptional service
to the chemical industry while sustaining a stable
and consistent reputation through innovative intelligence.
We do this in a safe and healthy work environment
for our employees and adhere to all local,
national and international regulations.

Meta Chem

Our Vision

Through adaptive improvement,
we will continue to lead in the import
and export specialty chemicals.
We will advance the specialty chemical intermediates business
through our innovative initiatives,
hard work and responsible care.

Meta Chem

Why Choose Us?


Quality and service

Our focus is on providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Industry expertise

Leading companies in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and industry trust our products.



With years of experience, we understand customer needs and offer innovative solutions.

Competitive pricing

We offer highly competitive pricing without any compromise on quality or service.


We adhere to strict safety and environmental standards to promote sustainability.

Customer satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do..